08 Apr

Homeowners that have a lawn will know how hard it can be to maintain it.

You cannot just water it, and hope that it’s going to look great throughout the years.

You’re going to have to work through a variety of ups and downs to ensure that you are able to get a lush, green, and glorious grassy area

To that effect, you will want to take into consideration a few tips and tricks that can help you with mowing your lawn. If your goal is to have the best lawn in your neighborhood, then you should look into a few simple ideas that will be easy to work with, and will pay off dividends down the line. 

The following are simple, easy to work with tips that will help you mow your lawn and get a great result down the line.

Watering With Depth In Mind 

Watering your lawn is critical. This is important, obviously, but you will need to factor in a few tips that will help you ensure that your grass gets forward momentum. 

To do that, you will need to look into focusing on something that is known as “watering deeply”. Watering deeply means that you need to take time to water a bit lighter than usual, and not soak your grass. People have a tendency of soaking grassy areas, but instead, you should lightly water, and keep your grass from getting flooded with water overall.

You want to prevent water from resting on top of your grass, or flooding things.

The other solution to go through is to water with depth in mind, focusing on lighter surface watering, and allowing your roots to grow deeper. By applying the notion of watering with depth in mind, or water deeply, you are going to have your root system get deeper into the soil, and that’s going to give you strength overall. The strength of your roots is going to help you get a lush lawn.

Do not Mow In One Direction Every Time 

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when you are working with mowing your lawn is the fact that you could very well be going in the same direction every single time. Mowing your lawn in one direction, one pattern, every single time, will be somewhat difficult to give your home’s lawn the look and feel that you want.

Believe it or not, you will need to change things up, by simply changing up your patterns. Your mowing pattern should alternate often, and that includes sharpening blades often. No matter what type of lawn you want to have, no matter how you’re focusing on the growth cycles, make sure that you mow in alternating directions every single time you mow. Do not mow in one direction every time, as that is going to cause problems in the long term.

Preventing Weeds With Corn 

Corn? How could you prevent corn in this arena? Do you want to ensure that your lawn doesn’t have any weeds at all? Then you will need to look into a natural, organic fertilizer that can help you get moving forward. To ensure that you are able to benefit from avoiding weeds, you need to look at corn gluten meal. This may sound odd, but you will find that if you spread this around your lawn, you will prevent weeds from growing. It has been proven that germination cannot process if you spread corn gluten meal. Corn gluten meal is natural, and is going to help you avoid weeding cycle, and will assist in a lot of different ways. Alternative products to synthetic solutions can help with reducing your carbon footprint, and giving you a great lawn, without having to deal with weeds, simple as that.

Mulch Your Grassy Areas 

This is an interesting solution that can work well, if you know what you’re doing. The biggest thing that you should take into consideration is the option of mulching. Now, to mulch your lawn, you should look at cutting your grass with a special blade. You should purchase a mulching blade, and then cut your grass, allowing a small layer of grass to end up on top of the rest of the grass you have. Mulching your grass is going to help you get a great deal of progress with your lawn, and it will look great down the line. It’s a simple solution and it just requires you to have a special blade, and leave mulched grass on top of the cuts.

Ideal Height Cuts

Another great tip to take into consideration is that how cutting your grass to ideal heights. You shouldn’t go lower than 3 inches. You should have a height of 3 inches as a normal option, and that is going to help your lawn grow properly. This is an ideal solution that can help you keep your grass looking great, and ensuring that you see great growth ratio. Now, you shouldn’t do this in “one” attempt. Instead, you should focus on growing grass and then cutting it down over time. Take your time, cut down an inch, then isolate cuts with different options so that you are able to get ideally to that 3 inch length down the line. Do NOT cut it all down in “one” or you will end up losing out.

Cut Your Grass When Things Are Dry Overall 

The last major tip that you will want to explore is simple, cut your grass when things are dry. By doing so, you will ensure that you will be able to get a good cut, without having to worry about clumps, wetness, and spots that can be compact, and difficult to cut. Wait for the dry point, and then cut your grass in a variety of directions each time. This will ensure that you will be able to get an upper hand. This is easy to work with, and one of the best routes to go through in terms of ensuring that your grass remains great overall.

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